Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Without reservation and in full consideration of the mutual covenants contained therein, IVAS and Client agree as follows:

Client agrees to a 3 month long contract period in which you will be responsible for the payment of a virtual assistant for that entire 3 month time frame.

Whereas, Client desires to retain the services of IVAS to provide full and/or part time independent administrative services in support of Client’s real estate business by virtue of the utilization of an out of office virtual assistant (“VA”), and IVAS desires to provide such services as defined within the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, Client hereby agrees a part time assignment will be billed at no less than 20 hours per week and a full time assignment will be billed at no less than 40 hours per week.

Client further acknowledges and agrees it is solely their responsibility to develop, communicate, assign, manage, continually update and oversee the specific tasks and work assignments given to the VA.

The Virtual Assistant assigned to you shall be entitled to a minimum of $0.35 annual raise. This shall be applied on the anniversary date of your VAs service.

We require a Job Description to finalize our agreement. Our process is not complete until we have received, reviewed and approved your Job Description. Failure to provide a Job Description may delay the placement of your Virtual Assistant.

The Client understands that Investor Virtual Assistant Services, LLC spends substantial resources such as time, energy, and money to recruit, train, and develop the best Virtual Assistant in the market. Client agrees to refrain from any actions that result in an IVAS Virtual Assistant to be indirectly or directly hired away from Investor Virtual Assistant Services. The Client further agrees that if they choose to cancel service with Investor Virtual Assistant Services, LLC, and it’s discovered that the Client has hired the Virtual Assistant directly, there is a $10,000 placement fee, payable immediately with the credit card on file.

There may be a 2-4 weeks waiting period to place a Virtual Assistant in your company. By signing this agreement and providing us a job description, your request for a VA will be placed on queue.